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AUGUST 31, 2007





As the Sixth Anniversary is quickly approaching, it has been heartwarming to hear from so many of you that I’ve had the pleasure to meet over the past six years.  Some are calling to make reservations to attend our upcoming Forum on September 10th and Commemorative Luncheon on September 11th.  Others are asking details about how they can participate in the 9/11 Living Memorial project to commemorate the lives and stories of 9/11.  Those who won’t be able to join us, like our dear friends Betty and Dennis Nielsen from Freedom Quilts, are calling to pass along their love and good wishes.  It’s wonderful to see the bond of friendship that has grown amongst the 9/11 community out of such a terrible tragedy and loss for so many.  In addition, I am in awe of the generosity of time and resources that have been devoted to make this year’s VOICES events a truly meaningful experience.      


For those of you who are just returning from vacation, I want to remind you to make reservations to attend the September 10th “Preserving 9/11” Forum and September 11th Commemorative Luncheon.  Seating is limited, so remember to contact our office early next week.  We are very excited about this year’s program that will include a formal launch of our 9/11 Living Memorial digital archive.  Our staff will be available on both days to digitize photographs, memorial programs and other mementos you’d like to include in the archive.  Information about our panel discussions is available in the newsletter below.   


As you know, National Preparedness Month begins tomorrow and runs through the month of September.  As a coalition member and advocate for local, state and federal preparedness, VOICES is highlighting the importance of emergency preparedness with daily tips you can read on our VOICES Preparedness page.   We encourage you to learn more about how to prepare your homes and families in the event of an emergency. 


In closing, my best wishes to you and your family for a safe and restful Labor Day weekend.


Warm Regards,


Mary Fetchet

Founding Director





"Preserving 9/11" Forum Spotlight: National September 11 Memorial and Museum and 9/11 Living Memorial Project Update  



Three dynamic sessions at this year's Forum will focus on the theme of "Preserving 9/11". The first panel marks the official launch of VOICES' 9/11 Living Memorial permanent digital archive to commemorate the lives and the stories of September 11, 2001. Using multiple media, the online archive has begun the process of documenting the stories of those who died as well as survivors, rescue workers and corporations affected by the attacks. Attendees will learn about the project's history and its importance to future generations. Those who have created pages for the Living Memorial, from family members and survivors to major organizations, will speak about their experiences in creating their digital memorial.


In the second panel, staff from the Library of Congress, the US National Archives, the New York State Archives and an art conservationist will talk about preserving treasured keepsakes and mementos. The third panel will update the audiences on the National September 11 Memorial and give an update on the 9/11 Living Memorial project. The Living Memorial site will be incorporated into a portal at the to-be-built National September 11 Memorial as a core component of the Museum's digital resource center and will be available to the Library of Congress, the National Archive, and other organizations.


Online Forum Schedule Available on Website


The schedule for the September 10th "Preserving 9/11" Forum and Exhibits is available online. Explore the hyperlinks in the schedule to learn more about the exciting array of panel discussions and activities.


Click to visit our online schedule (check back regularly for updates)


Learn more about our plans for September 10th and 11th by reading our 2007 Commemorative Events page.





9/11 Living Memorial Feature


Lake Charles, Lousiana 9/11 Memorial


In the tragic events of September 11 th, Lake Charles, Louisiana lost two of its local community members. In honoring its two lost citizens, the Lake Charles community obtained two steel beams from the World Trade Center and a slab of limestone from the Pentagon, which it now features in its Lake Charles 9/11 Memorial. The two World Trade Center beams now rise from a reflecting pool while the names of two local victims are engraved into the Pentagon limestone.


Around the site is an undulating wall with glass embedded in its surface. Each piece of glass represents a life tragically lost on September 11 th while each tone represents one of the three sites of attack. Earth tones represent the World Trade Center; blues represent the Pentagon; and green; the Pennsylvania field. These 9/11 artifacts were escorted to the local civic center by Lake Charles Fire Department in order to be used in the design and creation of the memorial.


Ideas for the memorial were generated by the community and local artists used those suggestions to design and create what is now the Lake Charles 9/11 Memorial. This memorial is a quiet place to reflect upon the events of September 11 th and pay tribute to the lives lost that day. For more information visit the Lake Charles 9/11 Memorial page on our website or visit the City of Lake Charles website.




NYC Sixth Anniversary Information for Families
The New York Governor and Mayor's offices have issued detailed information regarding the sixth anniversary remembrance services. Responders to the attack and recovery will read the names of those lost following a citywide moment of silence at 8:46am. The ceremony at Zuccotti Park will conclude at noon, but the site will remain open in the afternoon until approximately 3:30pm to allow time for everyone to visit the lower level. The Governor and Mayor's offices are working with the Port Authority to allow family members to safely descent the ramp in a single file stream that moves into a limited area below grade, where families will have an opportunity to lay flowers before returning to street level. Groups will not be allowed to assemble on site as in previous years. Click here for more detailed information.


National September 11 Memorial and Museum Invites Families and Survivors to Visit on Anniversary
The staff of the National September 11 Memorial and Museum invites families and survivors who will be in the downtown area on the upcoming anniversary to visit their offices at 1 Liberty Plaza on the 20th Floor, adjacent to the Family Room, between 8am and 5pm.


Two New Studies on Health Impact of 9/11
Rescue and recovery workers at ground zero have developed asthma at a rate that is twelve times the what would be expected, according to a report from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. According to the New York Times, the report says that of the nearly 26,000 workers surveyed in 2003 and 2004, 926 reported they developed asthma for the first time after working at the site. In normal conditions, no more than 77 new cases would have been expected in a group that size. Workers who arrived at ground zero on Sept. 11 had the highest risk of developing asthma.

New findings from the World Trade Center Health Registry show that thousands of WTC rescue and recovery workers were still suffering serious mental health effects three years after the attacks. One in eight likely had post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) when they were interviewed in 2003 and 2004. PTSD rates were highest among unaffiliated volunteers (not working with organizations such as the Red Cross). For more information on the studies.


Do a Good Deed on the Anniversary

MyGoodDeed, an organization created in 2002 as a way to honor the victims and heroes of 9/11 and preserve the national spirit that existed after the attacks, is asking everyone to observe the anniversary as a national day of service. The organization urges people to perform just one good deed of any nature or an individual to help others in need. Then visit myGoodDeed.org to post your good deed pledge. To find out more, visit webpage.


Request for Speaker at September 11 Southern Indiana Event

The New Hope Baptist Church, located in Southern Indiana, has held a special September the 11th service annually. They are again holding a special service on Tuesday, September 11, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. With September 11th falling on a Tuesday this year, as it fell the day of the attacks, they wanted to do something we haven't been able to do in the past. They would like to invite a survivor or someone who lost a family member to be a part of the service, and they will cover the expenses of the trip. Please call 812 866-5695 if you or someone you know could join them.



Reporter seeks Staten Island Residents Affected by 9/11
A reporter at the Staten Island Advance newspaper is writing a story about Staten Island residents who have a story about the relationship they formed with one another because of 9/11. For example, widows who became friends because of their common loss, children who bonded over losing a parent, a widow and widower who formed a romantic relationship, family members who reconciled realizing a fight wasn't worth it or survivors who helped each other get through the trauma they felt that day. She is looking for the untold stories of the positive relationships that were formed from the tragedy. Her deadline is Tuesday September 4. If you have a story you would like to tell contact Andrea Boyarsky, tel. (718) 981-1234, ext. 2241



New Events Added to Calendar


Many great programs related to the anniversary of September 11th have been added to our e-Newsletter sidebar. You can find more detailed listings on our Calendar page.


If you have an upcoming event to add to VOICES calendar, please contact us.




Preparendess Update



As a National Preparedness Month coalition member, VOICES will highlight the importance of emergency preparedness and promote individual involvement through events and activities across the nation in our weekly e-Newsletters and our web site. The first week's tips of the day are available below, and other preparedness resources are currently available on VOICES Preparedness page.


Tips of the day: Week 1


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