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May 07, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,

As we gather together this weekend with family and friends to celebrate the important role that Mother’s play in our lives. All of us at VOICES want to wish our Mother’s, and all the women who have touched the life of a child – a happy and healthy Mother’s day!

What is a Mother's Love?
A mother's love is many things.
she is a teacher and a friend,
someone to guide you through right and wrong,

someone to listen and understand.
She can comfort you like no other,
holding you in her arms.
She can fill your spirit with confidence and encourage your unsure heart,
She can bring a smile to your saddened face,
wipe away your tears,
love you regardless of the faults you have,
and stand by you throughout the years.

A mother's love is many things,
and one thing is quite sure;
a mother's love is special,
for no one can love like her.

-T.L. Nash

Warm regards, 

Mary Fetchet & The VOICES Staff