VOICES News Alert

May 6, 2011

Dear Friends and Family,

The events of this week demonstrate the importance of the support of our family and friends.  Whether we gathered in front of the TV or at the World Trade Center site, for most Americans the spontaneous response to the shocking news was to reach out to others who understand.  Like many of you, I found a range of emotions arise – shock, disbelief, relief and appreciation to President Obama and the military who bravely carried out the mission.  My thoughts immediately  turned to the families of the nearly 3,000 lives lost and the thousands of military who died fighting for our freedom.  The announcement unified our communities much  like the days and months following 9/11. It was personally reassuring to hear from friends living around the country and to reconnect with the 9/11 community.
This Sunday marks Mother’s Day, a day to remember our Mothers and reflect on the important role we play in shaping the lives of children.  It’s understandable that for many of us, the recent  events may invoke emotions from years past.  Hopefully the support of your friends and family will carry you through this challenging time. 

In the  coming weeks we have several events that will provide an opportunity for the 9/11 community to gather together.  On Wednesday, June 1st we will host our annual Always Remember Gala at Pier Sixty in New York City to benefit the 9/11 Living Memorial Project.  With the Tenth Anniversary approaching,  we thought it fitting for Mayor Giuliani to be the keynote speaker.  His leadership in supporting our families and the city of New York through our  darkest hours is especially important to recognize at this time.  Reconnecting with  families who worked tirelessly in a variety of advocacy roles following 9/11, reinforced the importance of taking time to reflect about the journey we’ve all shared in advance of the 10th Anniversary.  The committee has worked very hard to make this an enjoyable evening.  For more information, or to register for the 10th Anniversary Gala, Click Here

Frank and I are looking forward to seeing many of you at the Gala in New York City on June 1st.   Our best wishes to all Mothers on this Mother’s Day! 

Warm Regards
Mary Fetchet & The VOICES Staff