Dear Families and Friends,

I am delighted to share with you the news that this year's Building Bridges award will be given to the Police Commissioner for the City of New York, Raymond W. Kelly. The award will be given at the 6th Annual Always Remember Gala on October 16th at Guastavino's. It will be presented following the keynote address of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Commissioner Kelly is a leader in the fight against terrorism. Following the terrorist attacks on 9/11 we are all aware that New York City is under constant threat. His steadfast leadership and determination in protecting our families living and working in New York City is exemplary. The results speak for themselves.

In a recent interview with Piers Morgan on CNN, Commissioner Kelly talked about the city's response on 9/11 and its preparedness to thwart future attacks, saying, "The spirit is strong. New Yorkers pride themselves on being tough, resilient people."

The Building Bridges Award, initiated in 2004, recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the 9/11 community and our nation. Past recipients have included New York Giant George Martin, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Secretary Janet Napolitano, former Prime Minister Tony Blair and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  

Gala Chairs Bonnie & Deb McEneaney have planned a special evening that will raise important funds that support Voices of September 11th's ongoing work to provide long-term services for 9/11 families, survivors and responders. The event will also support the organization's efforts to help families and communities heal after other tragedies, by sharing best practices in preparing for, responding to and recovering from acts of mass violence or natural disasters.

Voices of September 11th is grateful to BAE Systems for its support as a leadership sponsor. For more information about sponsorship, or to register for the Always Remember Gala, visit the Voices of September 11th website at or contact Frank Fetchet at 203-966-3911.


Mary Fetchet & the VOICES Staff

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