VOICES News Alert

December 11, 2012

Dear Families and Friends,

People frequently ask us how our staff accomplishes so much. I will tell you the secret: we have the most wonderful group of volunteers and interns in the world! They are smart, hard working, and enthusiastic.

So I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge their outstanding contributions to Voices of September 11th and the people we serve.

Thank you to the family members who come to our New Canaan office to offer their expertise. Duane and Kate Orloske created our data management system and they are always available to help us meet any new challenges. Alessandra Benedetti travels to our Connecticut office from her home in Queens to help us with our 9/11 Living Memorial tributes and she can be relied on to perform any task, always with her beautiful smile. We are fortunate to have Frank Fetchet as a full-time volunteer since he retired from IBM in 2005. Frank is our Director of Development.

We are also grateful to our corporate partners - Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, whose employees generously donated their time by participating in a day of volunteerism.

Thanks to our friends who add their special skills to our team. Jeanette Costello contributes her graphic design skills to the Living Memorial project - and we all enjoy her culinary talents as well! Kyle Rodriguez, who has worked in our New Jersey office, has also volunteered his graphic arts skills. Thanks to Cathy Maloney for assisting our archivist by updating 9/11 Living Memorial tributes. A special thanks to all the "girls on the bus!" They traveled to New York City for our annual Information Forum, the Interfaith Service and the Gala to help us with registration, set up, flowers, photography and whatever else we could dream up! Thank you to, Barkey Powell, Gerry Basile, Janet Lebovitz, Cate Breslin and Vicki Biehl.

Thanks to our fabulous interns who, we have to admit, teach us more than they learn from us! They also help to make our work environment more innovative - and yes, more fun!

Rutgers University School of Social Work:
Stefanee Pace, Kaitlyn Van Wagner, Kristina Baker, and Yael Novick

Anthem Institute:
Len Marretta

New Canaan High School:
Madeline Diamond, Jackie Cloud, Annie Fox, Jessica Karl, and Lizzy Kilbride

Staples High School:
Madeline Melnick

Bucknell University:
Allison Dyott, Toni Blanchard

Dartmouth College:
Kelsey Anspach

Sacred Heart University School of Social Work:
Kelly Nilsen and Andree Thelusca

Norwalk Community College Graphic Design Students:
Melissa Tamayo and Juan Ramirez

Penn State University:
Juliana Viau

Thank you and congratulations to our recent college grads: Jake Diserio (Santa Clara University), Ana Villareal (Middlebury College), and Sean Richards (MSW, Fordham University School of Social Work.) As you can see, we are very fortunate to have active Volunteer and Internship Programs. Our interns tell us that their work at VOICES is challenging, yet an inspiring and life changing experience. They learn about 9/11 in a new way, through their firsthand experience in supporting the people we serve.

Again, thank you to each of our volunteers, interns and the scores of others who generously donate their time and talents to help us in our important work. We encourage you to contact us if you, or someone you know, would like to volunteer or intern at our Connecticut or New Jersey offices. Resumes can be emailed to Stephanie Landau at slandau@voicesofsept11.org.

Warm Regards
Mary Fetchet & the VOICES Staff