Voices of September 11th
Healing Families & Communities After Tragedy

Dear Families and Friends,


Tomorrow marks the 2nd anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombings.  We remember the victims, those who were injured or survived and their families who were also impacted on that tragic day. The powerful resilience shown by so many immediately after the event, and two years later, is testimony to the strength of the Boston community - and to the resilience of the human spirit.


 Recovery after a traumatic event can be a lifelong journey that often transforms our lives. Each of us goes through the process in a different way and in our own time. It is ultimately the support of our communities and our family and friends that are critical as we learn to live with our losses, and to create new meaning in our lives.


If you or someone you know was directly or indirectly impacted by the Boston Marathon Bombings, services are available at the Massachusetts Resiliency Center at 1-844-STRONG1, or by visiting www.maresiliencycenter.org.


Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 15, 2015, the Massachusetts Resiliency Center, in collaboration with the Old South Church, is hosting "One Boston: A Day of Resilience."  View the schedule.


As always, please feel free to contact us at (203) 966-3911 if we can be of assistance.


Warm regards,

Mary Fetchet & the VOICES Staff
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