Voices of September 11th
Healing Families & Communities After Tragedy

Dear Families and Friends,


On this beautiful spring day here in the Northeast, we send sincere Mother's Day wishes to all of you who are mothers, and to those who have taken on the role of a mother to someone special in your life.


We know that this day may be challenging for those who have lost a mother or a child, or for those who became a single parent after losing their spouse.  Know that all of us at VOICES hold you in our hearts and will be thinking of you as you celebrate the day.


Days like Mother's Day are a time for us to reflect on our commitment to promoting healing and resilience in the lives of those impacted by 9/11, and to help communities affected by other traumatic events.  Please let us know if we can be of assistance. 


Our best wishes to you for a blessed weekend!


Warm regards,

Mary Fetchet & the VOICES Staff
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