For families who lost a loved one on September 11th it has been eighteen years, yet the loss may still linger. For the family and friends of the 2,600 first responders and survivors who have died since 9/11, and for those who have suffered the loss of a loved one due to other circumstances, the holiday season may be challenging.
Whether this is the first holiday season without your loved one, or if many years have passed, the holidays highlight memories of those who are not with us to celebrate.
At what should be a joyful time of year, we feel their absence even more strongly. You are not alone.
Here Are Some Tips That May Be Helpful Getting Through the Holidays
  • Surround yourself with people who love and support you
  • Ask for help with holiday tasks and errands
  • Take care of your body and mind. Get plenty of sleep, eat well and engage in some physical activity you enjoy - even if it's a short brisk walk
  • Be kind to yourself; allow yourself to experience even small moments of joy
  • Keep your regular routine
  • Take small steps to participate in a holiday activity
In advance of the holidays, we wanted to share some thoughtful notes we received from 9/11 families about the challenges they faced and some helpful ways of getting through the holiday season. Read More.

Grief Doesn't Take a Holiday: Helping Families and Children Cope
Dr. Suzanne Phillips, accomplished clinician and radio host of Psych Up Live conducted an interview with Connie Palmer, the Clinical Training Director of Imagine, a Center for Coping with Loss. Both Suzanne and Connie are longtime friends and supporters of VOICES work and important contributors at our annual conferences.
Their conversation addresses the reality that "Grief doesn't take a holiday." Drawing upon Connie Palmer's work with children and families who have faced loss, she considers why the holidays are such a tough time for all family members who are grieving. She defines loss, grief and mourning as well as "Holiday Grief Beliefs." She discusses how children grieve differently than adults, and age appropriate ways to support and help them. The show is a gift that will inform and touch your heart.

VOICES Host Teleconference Support Groups Making Connections With Others During the Holidays
Recognizing that the approaching holiday season can be stressful, we have scheduled several teleconference discussion groups that will be facilitated by our social worker Sarah Jones, LCSW. Space is limited.
  • Thursday, December 19th 3:00pm - 4:00pm
  • Friday, December 20th 12:00pm - 1:00pm
To register, email Sarah Jones, LCSW at

What Are Your Suggestions?
We Would Like to Hear From You
Although navigating the holidays can be challenging, those who have experienced a loss can provide valuable insights and support to others. We encourage you to engage in the conversation with your peers by adding your suggestions on our Facebook page:
As always, please contact our office at (203) 966-3911 if we can be of assistance.

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