Finding Calm in Turbulent Times
Thursday, April 28 - 7:00pm EST
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“Calm seas do not create skillful sailors” ~ African quote
This quote reminds us that the world - just as it is today - offers us an opportunity for growth. Join us Thursday, April 28 at 7pm, as Mickie Brown, RN, HN-BC and certified mind-body instructor helps us to cultivate the seeds of calm and equanimity so that as the world swirls around us, we can find peace in our hearts.
Equanimity is an essential practice for our troubled and chaotic times. It offers us mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in difficult situations. Meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg calls it the “secret ingredient” in mindfulness as it leads to wisdom, and The Buddha described a mind filled with equanimity as “abundant, exalted, immeasurable, without hostility, and without ill-will.” It is about meeting life, no matter what arises, with an open and responsive heart.
There will be an opportunity for participants to ask questions following the presentation. Participation is free, registration is required.
Mindful Moment Meditation
First Friday of Every Month
Friday, May 6 - 10:30am EST
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Join VOICES for our continuing Mindful Moment series, when together we will pause from the busy nature of our days to breathe, reconnect and begin again - feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
Yoga Alliance Teacher, Wendy Boscia, will facilitate this recurring event on the first Friday of each month from 10:30am to 10:45am. The theme for May is, “Noticing what arises”.
Participation is free and registration is required.

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