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Open Contacts in FileMaker
Searching for a Contact
Entering Data / Updating a Contact
Creating a New Contact
Deleting a Contact

Open Contacts

Open "Contacts"
When opening Contacts in FileMaker, a search will pop up automatically. To learn how to cancel the find, click here.
Searching for a Contact

Click "Find"
Enter Information in the empty fields to find contact.
Many fields have an autofill function when typing. Make sure spelling is correct when typing into a field. If you are unsure of spelling, just enter the first few letters and all corresponding records will show up. For example, if you didn't know how to spell the name "Smith", just typing S-M-I will bring up records with those first three letters.
Also, there are also some general tips and rules to follow when searching for a contact. These are:
To add additional search criteria(s) select "New Request" while in a search.
Select "Perform Find" on the top of the screen to search records
If you need to cancel the find for any reason, click "Cancel Find." The icon is next to the "Perform Find" button
Advanced Search Criterias | Finding ranges of information
You can find ranges of information, such as all records that contain a field value that is greater or less than a number, or between two particular dates. A range is different based on the data type:
To view all operators required for advanced searches, click here. As an example of an advanced search, to search for a deceased contact, put ">1/1/2000" in the "Date Deceased" field, under the "Orgs/Age" tab.
Entering Data / Updating a Contact

Creating New Contact
To create a new contact, select the "New Record" icon at the top. A first and last name must be entered at all times. Also, be sure to search for the contact before creating a new contact to prevent adding duplicates.
Also, there are also some general tips and rules to follow when creating for a contact. These are:
Basic Information
When adding data to a contact, the fields listed below are some of the basic fields that can be filled out.
Quick Entry
By selecting the "BizCard Entry" field, you can enter much more data than in the basic details panel. Consider it a quick-access for entering in data
Attached notes
This field lists all notes attached to a contact. To add a note, scroll to find an empty field and enter the data for the note.
This field lists checkboxes for various industries. Select the checkbox as it corresponds to the contact.
This tab gives an option to add a contact to a specific mailing list (currently only in use by golf) and is a location to enter social media links/handles.
This tab lists both the primary and secondary address.
In this tab, you can list up to 4 phone numbers and 4 e-mail addresses. Also is multiple checkboxes regarding contact/outreach preferences. In regard to these outreach preferences, they have been separated into multiple categories with a yes no option (highlighted in pink). By default, any new contact is marked "No" in all of these categories.
The defenition for these categories are as follows:
This tab lets you choose an Organization from a dropdown. The fields for the organization are automatically generated from the organization (as created in "Organizations"). You can also enter data for the date of birth, gender, date deceased (put a valid date in this field to mark a contact as deceased), etc.
This tab lets you choose an Event from a dropdown. The fields for the organization are automatically generated from the event, with the exception of Comments and Appointment.
Deleting a Contact

If you ever need to delete a contact, do not attempt to do so yourself.
You may mark a contact to be deleted (which will be reviewed by a FileMaker admin). To do this, go to the Track tab, and check the box labeled "Marked for Deletion"
There are criteria for which a contact should never be deleted. These are: